QNJAC Media Use Policy 


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all media used by QNJAC is obtained from approved or licensed sources to maintain the highest level of quality and credibility for QNJAC. 


This policy applies to all QNJAC volunteers and contractors who are responsible for selecting, creating, and using media materials for QNJAC. 


All media used by QNJAC must be obtained from approved or licensed sources. These sources may include reputable news outlets, professional photo or video agencies, or other organisations that have been vetted and approved by QNJAC’s management team. Employers donating media for QNJAC, must provide a letter signed by a director of that business, stating that QNJAC have the permission and approval to use the donated media in QNJAC publications, social media posts and any other communications on or behalf of QNJAC. 

Any media used by QNJAC must be properly licensed and authorised for use. This includes ensuring that all necessary copyright and trademark clearances have been obtained. 

QNJAC volunteers and contractors may not use any media that is not licensed or approved by QNJAC. This includes any media that may be considered pirated, downloaded from the internet, stolen, or unauthorised in any way. 

QNJAC will not knowingly use any media that is misleading, inaccurate, or inflammatory. Volunteers and contractors should exercise good judgment when selecting and using media and should be mindful of the potential impact of media on QNJAC’s reputation and public perception. 

QNJAC reserves the right to remove or discontinue the use of any media that does not meet these standards, or that is deemed inappropriate or inconsistent with the organisation’s values and mission. 

QNJAC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.