What is QNJAC?

QNJAC is an abbreviation of the Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee.

QNJAC is a tripartite body comprising quarrying and extractive industry representatives of employers; employees; the government regulator (Health & Safety Executive, HSE); professional membership bodies; trade unions; and industry training/educational organisations.

The ‘engine room’ of QNJAC comprises a series of sub-committees and working groups which focus on subject areas or projects, as required. Working groups look at regulations along with innovations, accident and incident reports, best practice, and new technologies to produce updated guidance.

Approved QNJAC output is principally in the form of Guidance documents which, when confirmed by HSE’s Publications Governance Group, are published on the QNJAC website. This guidance along with self-audits can help employers understand where they are in relation to regulations, help create action plans to fill gaps and use the new guidance to apply the regulation in today's working environment.

QNJAC is made up of volunteers from quarrying and related products industry, everyone involved are passionate about this work and the overall aim, is to help everyone working in this great industry, stay safe.


Main points of QNJAC

  • QNJAC is the Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee.
  • Focused on promoting the health and safety in all sectors of the quarrying and associated industries.
  • Committed to making the industry a safer place, through the raising of training standards and competence.
  • Providing approved guidance documents available to all, visit us at www.QNJAC.co.uk or connect with us via our LinkedIn group.



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QNJAC is a collaboration to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. It relies on industry expertise to come together for the mutual benefit.

Here are some of the key partners actively involved in QNJAC.

EMPI Awards

Health and Safety executive (HSE)

Institute of Quarrying (IQ)

Mineral Products Association (MPA)

Mineral Products Qualification Council (MPQC)

Minerals Matter

The British Aggregate Association (BAA)

Unite - The union

University of Derby (UoD)

For more resources, please visit SafeQuarry.com