Duties of the Operator

Duties of the Operator: QNJAC Geotech Guidance 24/1/13
Guidance designed to help CEOs & others understand the requirements placed on the “quarry operator” to implement a safe geotechnical management process at their quarries. A brief legislative review is accompanied by emphasis on keeping records of geotechnical appraisals & assessments in the quarry’s H&S Document. Guidance is also given on management structure; monitoring & review; inspection; benches & haulroads; emergency procedures; risk to the public; permit to work; danger areas; explosives; excavations & tips; geotechnical assessment; records & notifications; and worker participation.

QNJAC is a collaboration to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. It relies on industry expertise to come together for the mutual benefit.

Here are some of the key partners actively involved in QNJAC.

EMPI Awards

Health and Safety executive (HSE)

Institute of Quarrying (IQ)

Mineral Products Association (MPA)

Mineral Products Qualification Council (MPQC)

Minerals Matter

The British Aggregate Association (BAA)

Unite - The union

University of Derby (UoD)

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